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Patients reviews

I recently had a procedure done with Dr. Carly Barth which I was completely nervous about. Dr. Carly Barth was amazing along with the staff. Thank you for putting me at ease!
Mariann P. | Aug 12, 2022
I don’t know why every doctors office in the world isn’t ran like this place, it’s so incredible to have such a care free process. I’ve been to many doctors this last year and DR Barth has been wonderful and validating, something many doctors have not been for me.
Lauren S. | Jul 02, 2022
Awesome makes you feel comfortable
Wilfred C. | Jun 21, 2022
The staff was very professional and answered my questions and have a nice way gods love
Audrey S. | May 13, 2022
Prompt appointment, exemplary patient care, friendly staff, and cleanliness of premises.
Ayesha Y. | May 06, 2022
Everyone was professional and courteous
John W. | May 06, 2022
Professional all the way from entrance to exit
Paul J. | Apr 28, 2022
Nobody walks into the doctor's office looking forward to a colonoscopy. I was nervous because a friend of the family was sick. From the moment I stepped out of my cau there was a gentleman who made it seem I was the most important client of the day. The staff was excellent and the facility was clean. Dr. Marshak spoke with me like I was a person. I had both an endiscopy and a colooscopy and it went well (as one could hope a procedure such as that would og). I recommend this office to anyone.
Michael M. | Apr 20, 2022
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